What Are The Benefits Or Advantages Of Manpower Planning

Some of the major benefits derive from doing proper Manpower Planning are as follows:-

  • Enable the determination of personnel needs of an organization


  • It is an essential component of strategic planning


  • It helps to ascertain and identify critical shortages of skilled staff and take corrective action by timely recruitment, etc so as to prevent production break-down or under-utilization of plant capacity


  • An integral part of managerial succession plan by identifying and developing potential managers


  • Enable organization to cope with changes in competitive forces, markets, technology, product, etc all of which always generate changes in job contents, skill demands, number and type of personnel


  • Enable the procurement of personnel with necessary qualification, skill knowledge, work experience and proper work attitude.


  • Involves in selection and development of employees well in advance so as to meet any contingencies.


  • Besides looking and reacting to staff deficit, Manpower Plannin is also able to identify any surplus/redundancy, if any in an organization.


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