Understand IP Address

In this computer network world, IP address is a must know term otherwise it might be quite embarrassing when people ask you for it.

This article provides a basic understand of IP address and the type of IP address

What is IP Address?

  • Stands for “Internet protocol”
  • Is a number that uniquely identifies a computer on a network.
  • Therefore, every computer that is connected to a network whether the network is the Internet or a private home or office network has a unique IP address.
  • Consist of four sets of numbers, with each set separated by a period(dot), such as
  • Note that every domain name like www.basiccollegeaccounting.com maps to a particular IP address
  • Either as static or dynamic IP address

· A static IP address never changes and normally used by most major websites.

· A dynamic IP address is automatically assigned to a computer when you log on to a network. Most Internet service providers(ISPs) assign dynamic IP addresses to their customers

Types Of IP Address

Two types -Internal and External IP address

Internal IP address

· Also known as non-routable and usually is not exposed to outside world.

· Each computer in a home or office network has an internal IP address and is use to make one computer for example in an office network talk to another computer within the same network

External IP address

· Assigned by your internet service provider (ISPs) to the computer or router that is connected to the ISP which is the IP address that can be used to identify you on the Internet.

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