When Applying For Big Accounting Four As Interns, Graduates or Experienced Candidates

Very often, students are confused over such term as internship when applying to work in an auditing firm.

Extracted below some pointers from one of the big Accounting Four, KPMG’s Malaysia pertaining to internship, graduates or experienced candidate This might be useful for readers to appreciate what’s required before they want to join any auditing firm whether they are from Big Accounting Four or other reputable auditing firms.


Extracted from Malaysian KPMG’s websites pertaining to its recruitment whether for internship, graduates or experienced candidate.



  • You will need to have completed your first year of a degree course from Accounting, Commerce, Business, Economics, Finance or Information Systems. Undergraduates in their second year of study are welcomed to apply for internship
  • As vacation periods differ from country to country, it will depend on the Firm’s needs for interns. The peak period is from Nov – May, so those applying for internship during this time might stand a better chance of securing an internship.

What are in for the candidates:

  • Earn extra pocket money,
  • Gain practical experience and
  • Obtain an inside view of potential career options with one of the world’s leading professional services firms.
  • Along the way, you will work and learn with our outstanding professionals.




·        You must be in the final year of your degree or you must have recently graduated that is appropriate for the division you wish to join.
Also welcome ACCA finalists.

·        Well rounded individuals who not only excel academically but are also equally active in extra curricular activities.

·         Individuals with solid base of English as well as Bahasa Malaysia oratory and writing skills.

[ Recruitment is thus carried out on an ad-hoc basis ]

Experienced hires



  • You must have the relevant industry experience and completed a degree that is appropriate for the division you wish to join.


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