Students Who Wish To Do Articleship For Chartered Accountancy In India

Some salient points that might be useful to student who intend to study Chartered Accountancy in India and wish to know a bit more on articleship with the auditing companies in India:

Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)


·        The institute prescribes a certain amount as remueration for the first, second and third year of articleship. It never says that such remuneration is fixed or it is a minimum base.

·        Many CAs prefer to hire the articled students at the remuneration stipulated by the institute.

·        Only a handful of audit firms pay proper stipend, that may range from Rs.five thousand to over ten thousand, depending on the location and the firm.

·     Where possible, you should do your articleship in one of the audit firms linked to the big four consultancies which can offer better pay. However, other bigger audit firms also pay good pay.

Big Accounting Four & Other Bigger Auditing Firms

 ·     Big Accounting Four & affiliates are (a) KPMG, (b) E&Y (Ernst & Young), (c) Delloitt, and (d) PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers).

·      However you can only do article-ship in the audit firms that are linked to these consultancy firms

·      (i) for KPMG: BSR & Co (previously Bharat S Raut & Co);

·      (ii) for E&Y : SR Batliboi & Co,

·      (iii) for Delloitt: AF Ferguson & Co, C.C.Chokshi & Co., Fraser & Ross, P. C. Hansotia & Co. and S.B.Billimoria & Co; and

·      (iv) for PwC: Price Waterhouse, and Lovelock & Lewis.

·     Other reputable Indian firms that you can articleship which includes the following:

·      Lodha & Co (link with BDO),

·      (b) KS Aiyar & Co (linked with Baker Tilly), (c) RSM & Co,

·  (d) Ajay Sethi & Associates etc.

No Of Years


·      Requires three years of training under practicing Chartered Accountant to gain practical experience in the various fields relating to accountancy whether it is in the area of accountancy, statutory audit, internal audit, tax audit, taxation, management consultancy etc.

·      In the third year, you can do industrial training in a commercial organization under a CA supervisor


·      The articled trainee can change his principal (with mutual agreement) under whom he/she is undergoing training. The institute plays no part in this. Note that the article-ship deed is exclusively between the articled trainee and the CA.

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