ACCA Approved Employer Programme

Extracted from ACCA’s Malaysia’s website the details of the Approved Employer Programme for your easy reference:


The programme is split into three main streams:

  • Trainee Development
  • Professional Development
  • Practising Certificate Development (ignore not applicable)


Your organisation will be assessed against a number of best practice statements contained within our Approved Employer Assessment Matrix. These statements are structured around the following principles:

  • How the development needs of individuals are identified
  • How development opportunities are provided
  • How development activity is monitored
  • How individuals are appraised and development needs reassessed.

Each approval lasts for a period of three years and your organisation will be subject to monitoring to ensure the programme maintains the quality standards.

Benefits for Approved Employers

Main benefits.

Dedicated contact and customer service

You will be provided with excellent account management and support through our national office network. This includes your own dedicated business relationship manager to assist with the development of your finance staff.

Gain global best practice certification

The Approved Employer programme can be used to compare and certify training policies and procedures against ACCA’s global best practice standards, providing independent assurance for your organisation’s learning systems.

Additionally, organisations with Investors in People (IIP) accreditation can automatically gain ACCA approval under the professional development stream. IIP UK registered employers interested in obtaining the Approved Employer award should contact

Practical experience records exemption

Organisations approved under the trainee development stream at either gold or platinum level are eligible to apply, on behalf of their students, for an exemption from the requirement to complete the Trainee Development Matrix (TDM). Instead, trainees are simply required to submit an annual declaration confirming they are employed by an Approved Employer.

CPD records exemption

Members who work for an Approved Employer under the professional development stream are automatically exempt from the requirement to retain professional development records. Members are simply required to submit their annual CPD return confirming they are employed by an Approved Employer.

Enhanced employer brand

Your organisation will receive global recognition as an employer of choice, demonstrating to the market, potential recruits and existing employees your commitment to providing a high standard of professional and career development.

Privileged access to specialist services

You will have access to a range of services to help you recruit, develop and retain finance professionals, such as privileged access to our best practice database, Employer Toolkits, magazines and e-zines, events and cutting-edge research.

Trainee Development

The trainee development stream recognises the learning opportunities your organisation provides for its employees working towards either the ACCA Qualification, Certified Accounting Technician or Diploma in Financial Management. There are three levels of approval – silver, gold and platinum.

The scheme is accessible to all and the level of approval awarded reflects the support your organisation provides to trainees. It is also progressive, enabling organisations approved at silver or gold levels to work towards a higher level of approval.

ACCA will review the learning and support your organisation provides, focusing on study support and the provision of suitable practical experience. Specific criteria can be found in the Approved Employer assessment matrix.

Professional Development

The professional development stream recognises employers who provide learning opportunities for ACCA members to support their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Specific criteria can be found in the Approved Employer assessment matrix.

ACCA CPD Unit Scheme Exemption

ACCA members who are employed by an Approved Employer under the Professional Development stream are automatically exempt from having to follow ACCA’s CPD Unit Scheme Route. However, members are still required to complete their annual CPD declaration confirming they are covered under the Approved Employer route.

Investors in People UK

ACCA has an agreement with Investors in People UK in respect of the Professional Development stream of approval. The agreement enables organisations in the UK that hold Investor in People status to be automatically eligible for the Professional Development stream of ACCA Approved Employer.

IIP recognised organisations in the UK and Ireland may apply directly for the award of Approved Employer (Professional Development stream), recognising the support they provide to qualified accountants and finance professionals.

IIP recognition held by organisations will be unaffected by any subsequent approval granted by ACCA. No additional work needs to be undertaken by IIP recognised organisations as ACCA will place reliance on IIP’s application and assessment processes. The ACCA Approved Employer award will also be granted for a period which matches the period set by IIP for its Standard.

This means that any organisation which has its recognition renewed by IIP will be automatically eligible to have its Approved Employer award renewed. However, organisations which fail to meet IIP standards, and who subsequently lose their IIP status, will have their ACCA Approved Employer status suspended.

Issues relating to the approval of the organisation as an Approved Employer will be the sole responsibility of ACCA which will respond to concerns or queries about the Approved Employer programme from employers or ACCA members. IIP UK registered employers interested in obtaining the Approved Employer award should email

Assessment criteria

Any employer applying to become an ACCA Approved Employer must meet a number of best practice statements relating to the support organisations provide ACCA trainees and members in the workplace. Employers only need to meet the training statements relating to the stream of approval they are applying for – Trainee Development, Practising Certificate Development or Professional Development.

How to apply

New Applications

All Employers who train ACCA trainees and members are encouraged to apply for ACCA Approved Employer status through the online application.

How the application process works:

1. Application Submitted

Application should be submitted online by the employer. the application form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete

2. Corroboration Process Undertaken

As part of the application process, employers will be expected to provide email contact details of ACCA trainees or members employed at the organisation with whom the application information can be idependently verified by ACCA.

3. Confirmation of Application Outcome

ACCA will confirm the outcome of the application by email to the organisation.

4. Monitoring Process

Following confirmation of approval, the organisation will be subject to a monitoring process. This will either be undertaken through a visit by an ACCA representative, or will be undertaken remotely by ACCA Professional Development Unit. The monitoring process will normally be conducted within 6 months of the intial confirmation of approval.

Apply online for ACCA Approved Employer status

Alternatively, if you prefer, your ACCA representative will visit you to undertake the assessment, manage the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Existing Applications

If you have already submitted an application to us, you can track the progress of your application online.

Contact Person

To find out more about how your employer can become an ACCA Approved Employer in Malaysia, please contact

Jennifer Lopez – Manager, Technical Services
082 425051 /

Zaiti Waddell – Senior Executive, Employer Relations
03 2713 5051 ext 18 /

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