List Of Topics Under The Heading Working Capital Management/Control


It Is critical to manage the company’s working capital as cash generated from the working capital cycle is not synonymous with profit generated from the business. Without adequate cash/liquidity, profitable companies can not survive as they need to pay their liabilities from cash and not from profit.

Some examination questions test the candidates on the understanding, objective and how to optimize the working capital as this is one way to do value-adding to the organization.

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Working Capital – Introduction & General

Introduction and the importance and objectives of working capital management

Factors affecting working capital level

Working Capital Policies and Approach



Cash Operating Cycle or Cash Conversion Cycle:

Cash Operating cycle of a business 

Cash Operating Cycle And How to improve the cash flow of a company


Cash Conversion Cycle of a business- Part 1 

Cash Conversion Cycle- how to compute and improve the cash conversion cycle




Optimizing Working Capital by Inventory Management:

Introduction to optimiziang working capital by managing inventories


Refer list of topics under heading of inventory management



Optimizing Working Capital by Debtors/Receivables Management:

Introduction to optimizing working capital by managing debtors or receivables

Extension of credit terms of customers to increase sales

Factoring of Accounts Receivables (part 1)

Factoring of Accounts Receivables (part 2)




Investing Cash Surplus (part 1)

Investing Cash Surplus (part 2)

Factors to consider when investing surplus cash

Classification of assets –classifcation of sources of funds


Treasury topics – Go to my another blog under category : Treasury for more articles on the various financial instruments and strategies


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