Examples Of Customer Perspectives Key Performance Indicators in a Balanced Scorecard

There are four (4) components in a Balanced Scorecard which are:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Process
  • Learning and Growth

Append below are some examples of the Financial Perspectives Key Performance Indicators:



  1. Annual sales/customers($)
  2. Average custome size($)
  3. Customer rating(%)
  4. Average time from customer contact to sales response(No)
  5. Average time spent on customer relations(No)
  6. Customers/employee ( No or %)
  7. Satisfied-customer index(%)
  8. Customer-loyalty index(%)
  9. Market Share
  10. No of Customer Complaints
  11. Return Rates
  12. Response Time
  13. Cost/customer($)
  14. Customers Lost(No or %)
  15. Customer retention
  16. Number of customers
  17. Annual sales per customer
  18. Marketing cost as a % of sales(%)
  19. Marketing expenses($)
  20. Number of proposals made
  21. Brand-image index (%)
  22. Response rate
  23. Sales volume
  24. Sales per channel
  25. Average customer size
  26. Customers per employee
  27. Frequency of sales transactions
  28. Sales closed/sales contacts(%)
  29. Number of visits to customers(No)
  30. Service expense/customer/year($)


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