Wise Words From Buddhism

In earlier articles, readers would have read the inspirational quotes/phrases, jokes/humor, motivational stories/ fables.

This article is not about religion but merely extracting wise words from them so that our daily living can benefit from their saying.

The following are the:

Wise Words From Buddhism


One should not give way to anger, but should control it. He who controls anger has power far greater than those who give way to it. The one is master of his emotions while the other is mastered by it. Hatred is damaging to mankind and should be eliminated


The wise man is not afraid. He knows his strength and does not fear. Likewise, he knows his weaknesses and does not attempt the impossible


Deeds determine one’s place in society. One becomes an outcast or a highly placed person by his deeds. Evil deeds are easy to do; good deeds are difficult; but the good deeds pay the highest rewards


One should be faithful to his duty at all times regardless of the situation. Faithfulnes to duty brings the greatest of rewards.


Evil actions will be punished inevitably, and good actions rewarded with happiness. The good man will loathe evil at all times and will keep himself pure


Faith is necessary for the virtuous life. One’s faith will not go unrewarded. Prosperity follows upon faith


The aged should be respected and revered. He who does this will receive great rewards and will prosper. Children should give support to their parents. Always honor one’s parents.


Whatsoever may be the cause of your suffering, do not wound another, forgive him


One should pick one’s associates from among the wise and good. Evil associates will corrupt a man. A man who reproves intelligently should be sought out since his words are the advice one needs


Liberality is a virtue. The wise and good man will share what he has with others. In this way he will save himself. Giving is saving.


Trust in the Lord and He will guide you aright. One who has this trust need fear nothing. He can be at perfect peace and happiness, for he will be guided aright.


The wise and good man will be happy in this world and in the next. He has the secret of perfect contentment and joy. One should not seek after happiness, but should find it as a natural result of good deeds.


Hatred is damaging to mankind. One who gives way to hatred is no longer master of himself.


The home should be a place of mutual understanding and love, of chastity and faithfulness, of reverence for the aged and respect for the young. There should be no selfishness among members of the family.


The good and wise will find happiness in the life to come. The evil and thoughtless will die eternally. Heaven is a place of bliss for the good. Here one who has lived earnestly and wisely shall find his reward


The wise man will weigh matters carefully so that he may judge justly. Hasty judgement shows a man to be a fool


One act of pure love in saving life is greater than spending the whole of one’s time in religious offerings to the gods, sacrificing elephants and horses.


Man is the product of his thinking. All that he is, all his ideals, likes and dislikes, his very self, is the result of thought.


Great are the rewards of contemplation. One who trains himself in the art of meditation will penetrate the hearth and discover great spiritual riches


Those who obey the law and follow studiously the commandments shall have serenity of mind, joy, and prosperity. Obedience is the way to the good things of this life and of the life to come.


True happiness comes to those who live at peace with their fellow beings. The aim of all should be to learn peace and live peacefully with all men


Whatever faults one may have, one should confess them and seek forgiveness. Confession is a necessary part of repentance.


Be not slothful or flippant, but be earnest at all times. Goodness comes from earnestness. God loves the earnest, sincere man.


Intentional killing of any living being is condemned. Peace and not war, is the ideal and should be sought by all who are truly religious


Wisdom and self-mastery are true wealth. Material possessions are not real wealth, for they can be taken away from a man. Real wealth is everlasting.


Works and not birth, determine one’s place in the world. At al times one should work diligently and with earnestness. Hard work is praised.


A true disciple is free from all passion, including wrath. To give way to wrath is to bind oneself to a master who will destroy. Happiness lies in freedom from wrath.

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