Wise Words From Hinduism

In earlier articles, readers would have read the inspirational quotes/phrases, jokes/humor, motivational stories/ fables.


This article is not about religion but merely extracting wise words from them so that our daily living can benefit from their saying.


The following are the:


Wise Words From Hinduism



Anger breeds confusion. He would be clear and unconfused must avoid becoming angry.


The good man makes no distinction between friend and foe, brother and stranger, but regards them with impartiality. A true friend will be sympathetic to you at all times.



To realize that God is all and all is God gives man courage. He does not shrink.



One becomes what one does. The doer of good deeds will become good and the doer of evil deeds will become evil. Action, the doing of the good, is superior to renunciation. Thus, at all times one should be doing good.



Never falter in doing your duty. God has decreed man’s duty, and to fail is to disobey God. It is through duty that a man reaches perfection.



He who is evil cannot hope to attain eternal happiness Heaven punishes the evil. All pain and suffering comes from evil-doing


Faith is the pathway to wisdom. This faith will come if one yearns in his heart for it. The most prized of God is the man of faith.



Love and respect must reign in the home. This is commended because every member of the household is a soul and as a soul he is worthy of love and respect. Faithfulness must mark the relationship of husband and wife.



God will forgive the sinner, if he earnestly casts away his sin. Human forgiveness is the wayto happiness among men. A wise man will always be ready to forgive.



Look upon all the living beings as your bosom friends, for in all of them there resides one soul. All are but a part of that Universal Soul. A person who believes that all are his soul-mates and loves them all alike never feels lonely.



Giving with cheerfulness is the way to security and happiness. Giving is superior to receiving since the giver acquires a friend and protects himself from enemies. The wise man will always share with others.



No enemies can overcome the believer. He trusts in God, knowing that Go will guide him through all troubles.



True happiness comes not from external things, but through attachment to things spiritual. It is an inner joy which nothing outside can destroy. It comes from God and is a reward for goodness. Only the wise have real happiness.



Hatred breeds confusion. Clear thinking and careful action can come only when the heart is free from hatred.



The highest law of the home is fidelity among its members. The wife should be faithful, the children obedient, and the father understanding and industrious. Thus will develop the perfect home.



The soul destroys the earthly body in order to make for itself a new and more beautiful body. The wise man will become immortal. Death is the taking off the robe of life to put on the robe of immortality. The good and just shall live forever.


The one who hurts pious men falls victim to his own designs. This is divine justice.



The Lord s the lover of all beings, but he especially loves those who keep his laws and are devoted to him. One can best worship the Lord through love.



Man is the highest of animals. He is an animal with an immortal soul which cannot be hurt by the world. There is nothing nobler than humanity.



Those who do not meditate can have neither steadiness nor peace. The great and the wise meditate constantly on the divine. This is the source of strength and the way to knowledge of the Supreme One.



The laws of God are eternal, lofty, and deep. The man who is obedient to them will be happy and after death will experience joy unsurpassable.



If one would find happiness and security, one must seek for peace. The peaceful mind will become established in wisdom. God is a god of peace and desires peace for all people



To the extent that one has sinned, one should confess and earnestly beg God’s forgiveness and mercy. If one does this, God will hasten to forgive and wipe away one’s sins.



The Lord does not favor those who are not sincere and honest.



Causing injury to any creature is wrong. The wise man will seek always to avoid strife and will dwell in peace. The ideal for life here on earth is peace, not war. No one should seek to extend his power through war.



One should work constantly and seek after wealth. But, if one gains wealth, one should share it with those in need. Beware lest wealth shut the door on the good life. Riches are but means to doing good and should not become the goal of life.



One becomes what he does. The man who does good becomes good, and the man who does evil becomes evil. The motive of one’s works should not be the consequences. One should do good despite the results. No one who does good will come to an evil end.



Wrath breeds confusion. One who would be master of himself and of all situations must avoid wrath. The ideal is to live free from hate and anger




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