What Is An Open Plan Office And The Advantages And Disadvantages of Open Plan Office

What is Open Plan Office

  • Is an office area where there are minimum walls and corridors;

  • Use of furniture and decorations like flowers or plants to divide up the areas;

  • Maybe low level mobile partitions are used to divide up the areas

  • Each functional area is situated in a particular part of one large room

Advantages of Open Plan Office

  • Supervision is made easier;

  • Internal communication is simple;

  • Communication barriers are partly removed;

  • Arrangement of working areas is more flexible and allows for further staff;

  • The surrounding are light and airy;

  • Cleaning is easier and cheaper.

Disadvantages of Open Plan Office

  • Staff may feel exposed ( lack of privacy )

  • Too many distractions

  • Common heating too hot or too cold

  • Smoking may cause conflicts

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