What Is Collective Bargaining And The Advantages And Disadvantages of Collective Bargaining.

What is Collective Bargaining

  • A  process of bargaining in groups as opposed to bargaining individually

  • Ultimately leading to an agreement between the group of staff/ workers and management. This agreement covers the conditions of the employees, pay rates/holiday/overtime/ bonus, etc, hours of works, shift arrangements, length of holidays, subsidized facilities and others.

Advantages of Collective Bargaining

  • There is a mutual understanding between trade union and management

  • Workers feel more involved

  • Shared individual stresses and insecurities

  • Discourages favoritism and victimization

  • Promotes employee’s self respect

  • Establish the rights of employees and management

Disadvantages of Collective Bargaining

  • Management may be weakened in the event of very strong union head

  • Face to face confrontation

  • Not every employee’s interest is represented.

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