The Importance and Factors To Consider When Designing Packaging For Successful Marketing

Packaging is basically an integral part of product planning that involve designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.

Some of the major factors to consider in its design are as follows:

1 Protection of the content

  • Which is the main function of packaging namely to protect the contents when the product is on route from manufacturer to the final consumers. Packaged goods generally are convenient, cleaner and less susceptible to losses from evaporation, spilling and spoilage.

2 Sales appeal

  • Packaging is one way a firm can differentiate its products from its competitors.

3 Self Service

  • With the spread of supermarkets, convenience stores, many products are sold on self sevice basis. The package now needs to perform many of the sales tasks attracting attention, describe the product features, give consumer confidence and make an overall favorable impact.

4 Innovational opportunity

  • Packaging is an area where innovation can bring large scale gain. Innovative ¬†design can attracts and bring good sales

5  To meet consumer affluence

  • For consumers of the upper income brackets, they are willing to pay a little more for convenience, appearance, dependability and prestige.Packaging is an important vehicle for projecting these qualities.

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