What factors to consider when designing packaging for a product(Part 2)

Earlier article describe the importance and the functions of packaging, below describe the factors to consider when designing the packaging for a product:

  • What image is sought?

  • Who are the targeted consumers- general mass/lower /upper class/child/parent/teenagers?

  • Should family packaging be used?

  • Should a standard package be used globally?

  • Factors like convenience, dependability and prestige?

  • What is the costing like re:-total and per unit cost be?

  • What materials should be used?

  • How innovative should the package be?

  • What features should the package incorporate?

  • What size(s),color(s), and shape(s) should be used?

  • How should the label and inserts appear?

  • Should multiple packaging be used?

  • Should items be individually wrapped within a package?

  • Should the package be versatile?

  • Should the package have a preprinted price and inventory control coding?

  • Should the package be reusable?

  • How does the package interrelate with other marketing variables?

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